Home Bound

Pictured in this post is my gorgeous hometown of York, in the UK. However, being surrounded by the same environment day in, day out, can get a little boring.

So I am considering taking a short city break next week for a change of scenery. If anyone has any tips or ideas on the best cities to travel to, feel free to comment on this post and help a girl out!

Holiday Blues

Just home from one of the greatest holidays of my life and I am already having extreme blues. The need to jump on a plane and fly straight back to Crete is too tempting, however it’s back to reality now. A week of gorgeous sun and sea was perfect and definitely needed.

Hope you’re all having the best Summer!

Grecian Holdiday Tips!

It’s almost time for me to jet off to Crete for a Summer break! Although it is very exciting to be going away, I have travelled to Greece numerous times before. Therefore, here are a few tips you may be interested in if you are also taking a holiday to Greece…

1. KEEP COOL – The temperature in Greece gets extremely hot (between 30 and 40 degrees at this time of year). So make sure you don’t sit in the sun ALL day; take small breaks in the shade or somewhere inside.

2. CAPTURE THE SCENES – Greece is home to some of the most beautiful scenes and buildings. Wherever you walk, you will find plenty of opportunity to take loads of pictures! These images will be sure to attract new followers to your blog.

3. TAN UP – If you want to go on holiday to get that bronze coloured tan, Greece is certainly the place for you. However, make sure you apply lots of sun cream – nobody likes the pain of sun burn!

4. HYDRATION – As I previously stated, Greece is extremely hot at this time of year. To prevent you from getting ill from the heat, make sure you keep on drinking water lots throughout the day.

5. SAFETY – If I’m honest, there are some crazy drivers around in Greece. They go at some insane speeds, so make sure you look around for these crazies. Also, mopeds and quad bikes are very popular in Greece. However, people don’t tend to wear helmets on them because they believe they’ll ‘be fine’. So if you want to travel on a moped or quad, please be safe and wear a helmet!

Pictured below, is the gorgeous hotel that me and my friend are staying in, in Crete. If you would like to check it out, it’s called Drossia Palms Hotel.

To the Future

After a long and difficult two years, battling through A-level hell, I finally have tonnes of free time! This can only mean more blogging, more travelling and more discovering!

To start off what I hope to be the best Summer, I enjoyed this flavour-changing drink (pictured below) at a stunning roof-top bar: raspberry changing to mint chocolate. I am clueless as to how this is possible – some definite wizardry involved!

So this is me toasting, with an enchanting drink, to the end of a chapter in my life and moving onto new and exciting adventures!

Leap into the New Year!

Don’t dwell on all of the times this year that you didn’t live up to your expectations. Leave all the negativity and regrets in 2016 and take a positive mindset with you into the new year! Set new goals and use your fresh, ambitious vibes to drive yourself to success. Make 2017 special and the best year, to date, to remember! Happy new year and I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!

Get busy this Summer!

Exams are over, college is out and weeks of Summer have arrived!

However aside from having a part-time job in retail, I have no plans at all – BLAG. But I refuse to allow myself to get bored, so I am taking up new hobbies and keeping busy to stop me from wasting my Summer! Listed below are 8 different ways you can prevent boredom whilst also expanding your knowledge this Summer:

  1. MORE BLOGGING – Writing a blog definitely makes you think hard and use your brain. It may also inspire other bloggers, and get you noticed!
  2. BAKING – Trying out new recipes in the kitchen is always fun. I’m personally more of a dessert kinda girl, and love making a traditional Victoria Sponge
  3. EXERCISE – What better time to get down to the Gym and into shape when you’re bored, especially if you have a holiday planned later in the Summer – motivate yourself!
  4. SHOPPING – As a Shopaholic, I would certainly recommend you treat yourself to a new Summer wardrobe! (But please don’t go overboard and spend money you don’t have lol)
  5. BEAUTY REGIMES – Buying and experimenting with new makeup is one of my favourite things to do – you may even give yourself a whole new look!
  6. TRAVEL TO NEW PLACES – Summer is the best time of the year to visit new sights and make happy memories!
  7. WRITE A NOVEL – This is a great way to express your emotions and experiences whilst also deeply using your imagination
  8. ART WORK – If you’re the creative type you might decide to draw, paint or do some graffiti in the lovely weather (although make sure this is legal haha!)

Do something worthwhile with your Summer 2016 – it won’t come round again!

~ CA