Zara Autumn Haul

Zara Autumn Haul

So Summer is pretty much over, unfortunately. But with that, comes the joy of new clothes for the Autumn season! Below is some of my new purchases from Zara’s new collection.

The pyjama blouse is a new trend that gives that casual feel yet really makes a statement. Matched with wide leg black trousers, the outfit is perfect for a classy evening meal or drinks!

Moving on, I am in love with this check wrap blouse! It gives off a scruffy look with the ruffled sleeves and knot tie, whilst also being very on trend.

The striped shirt with lace is an adorable little piece, which can be matched with some casual denim jeans or a variety of other bottoms.

If you are inspired by any of these looks, make sure to head over to Zara for the new season!


How I got into Durham University!

Success is not just about hard work and dedication. Success is about having the belief that you can do it and you have nothing holding you back, as well as putting in the work. Here is my story of how I got into a top UK University…

I finished school with decent GCSE grades, but I was filled with dread walking into the world of A-levels. Talks of how much of a jump GCSEs to A-Levels were, worried me.

In my first year of college, I studied Psychology, Accounting, Maths and Biology at A-level, and my God, it was one hell of a jump! After just a couple of weeks, I was reconsidering my options. Should I choose different subjects? Or should I just drop to a BTEC? But then I remembered I had chosen this path for a reason and I should follow through with it. As end of year AS exams approached, I struggled to motivate myself to revise. My inner thoughts were telling me that it was too difficult and I wasn’t going to do as well as I wanted. Despite this, I picked myself up, did plenty of revision and sat the exams. Later in the Summer, I received my AS results in an e-mail on holiday, to find I had got BBCE respectively. With my targets being As and Bs, I wasn’t overly pleased, but it was ok.

Second year was arriving and I had to decide what I wanted to do. I decided to drop Biology (which I got an E in) and continue with my other 3 subjects. Knowing that the second year was going to be even harder than the first was a fright, but I had to motivate myself. At the start of the new year, I had to make my University choices. This wasn’t something I had thought much about previously. Once researching some Unis, I narrowed my list down and started to visit a few. But when I visited Durham University, I knew this was the place. I knew this was the University I wanted to go to. I could envision myself going to the formal balls in my gown. I was starting to see my future. But the required AAB grades seemed very distant considering my AS results.

Although I didn’t have a lot of hope that I would be accepted into Durham, I applied anyway along with a few other universities. Constantly checking on UCAS, I found that Unis were conditionally accepting me: Coventry, Newcastle etc. Yet not the University I desired. Eventually, Durham responded with a conditional offer to study Accounting and Finance. I couldn’t believe it! The feeling of joy was temporary, as I grasped the reality that I needed them high grades to actually go. The offer was there, and this was the push I needed to motivate myself. A few months before exams commenced, I quit my part-time job and dedicated all of my time on revision. I worked tirelessly for days on end: making revision cards, writing up notes, practising past papers, turning down nights out. It was mentally and physically draining, but once exams were over, it was a relief.

The wait for results day was then a killer. As the day of A-Level results woke, I set off to college at 7.40am, constantly thinking ‘what if I haven’t done enough?’. UCAS track wasn’t due to open until 8am but I tried logging in at 7.50am because the wait was too long. Surprisingly, UCAS track logged in straight away. I could not believe my eyes. “Congratulations! Your place at Durham University to study Accounting and Finance is confirmed!”. Re-reading it over and over, it took a few minutes to sink in, before I screamed at my mum that I was in, and started crying my eyes out. Finally arriving at college in a state, I picked up my envelope and opened it to find I had got the AAB grades I worked for!

Now, with just a few weeks to go until I begin my journey at Durham University, I am extremely glad I worked hard and consistently, and believed in myself. An important reminder to everyone out there, is that temporary pain can lead to a lifetime of success!

Trafford Shopping

I finally got to go on a well-needed shopping spree and spend all that money that I don’t have! It’s always a great pleasure to visit the Trafford Centre, Manchester, and indulge in the big Topshop sales.

Below, I am wearing Topshop embroidery jeans and black heels, New Look plain black bardot top, finished with a black/gold belt and Michael Kors handbag!

Holiday Blues

Just home from one of the greatest holidays of my life and I am already having extreme blues. The need to jump on a plane and fly straight back to Crete is too tempting, however it’s back to reality now. A week of gorgeous sun and sea was perfect and definitely needed.

Hope you’re all having the best Summer!

Grecian Holdiday Tips!

It’s almost time for me to jet off to Crete for a Summer break! Although it is very exciting to be going away, I have travelled to Greece numerous times before. Therefore, here are a few tips you may be interested in if you are also taking a holiday to Greece…

1. KEEP COOL – The temperature in Greece gets extremely hot (between 30 and 40 degrees at this time of year). So make sure you don’t sit in the sun ALL day; take small breaks in the shade or somewhere inside.

2. CAPTURE THE SCENES – Greece is home to some of the most beautiful scenes and buildings. Wherever you walk, you will find plenty of opportunity to take loads of pictures! These images will be sure to attract new followers to your blog.

3. TAN UP – If you want to go on holiday to get that bronze coloured tan, Greece is certainly the place for you. However, make sure you apply lots of sun cream – nobody likes the pain of sun burn!

4. HYDRATION – As I previously stated, Greece is extremely hot at this time of year. To prevent you from getting ill from the heat, make sure you keep on drinking water lots throughout the day.

5. SAFETY – If I’m honest, there are some crazy drivers around in Greece. They go at some insane speeds, so make sure you look around for these crazies. Also, mopeds and quad bikes are very popular in Greece. However, people don’t tend to wear helmets on them because they believe they’ll ‘be fine’. So if you want to travel on a moped or quad, please be safe and wear a helmet!

Pictured below, is the gorgeous hotel that me and my friend are staying in, in Crete. If you would like to check it out, it’s called Drossia Palms Hotel.

To the Future

After a long and difficult two years, battling through A-level hell, I finally have tonnes of free time! This can only mean more blogging, more travelling and more discovering!

To start off what I hope to be the best Summer, I enjoyed this flavour-changing drink (pictured below) at a stunning roof-top bar: raspberry changing to mint chocolate. I am clueless as to how this is possible – some definite wizardry involved!

So this is me toasting, with an enchanting drink, to the end of a chapter in my life and moving onto new and exciting adventures!

Leap into the New Year!

Don’t dwell on all of the times this year that you didn’t live up to your expectations. Leave all the negativity and regrets in 2016 and take a positive mindset with you into the new year! Set new goals and use your fresh, ambitious vibes to drive yourself to success. Make 2017 special and the best year, to date, to remember! Happy new year and I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!